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Any good quality picatinny rings will work. We recommend Vortex rings:

You can use this scope ring height calculator to calculate the proper height of rings:

All BadAce scope mounts have Picatinny rails and take both Weaver and Picatinny rings.

This wikipedia page provides some good information and history of the Picatinny rail:

Long eye relief scopes, also called scout scopes, are scopes that generally have an 8 – 12 inches eye relief. 

Comparing to regular eye relief scopes ( 2 – 5 inches eye relief), LER scopes are mounted forward of the action. This allows fast sight acquisition and the use of stripper clips for fast reloading.

We recommend the Burris scout riflescope 2-7x32mm:

It has a 9.2 - 12 inches eye relief and comes with the Burris forever warranty.

Or the classic Leupold FX-II Scout IER 2.5x28mm scope:

It features a 9.3 inches eye relief and also comes with the Leupold lifetime warranty.

All our scope mounts can accommodate straight bolts. However, regular eye relief scopes ( 2 – 5 inches eye relief ) are mounted further backward so you wouldn’t be able to close the bolt if you choose the regular scopes.

The solution is to use a long eye relief scope (8 – 12 inches eye relief) and our long eye relief (scout) scope mount:

Yes, the full-length NDT scope mount vibrates during the shooting. In fact, all scopes vibrate due to the recoil. Watch this video how this steel scope mount and scope vibrates:

All quality scopes are designed to withstand the recoil force that is far more violent than this up/down the vibration. The most powerful impact to the scope is the back/forward motion after the round is fire. This video will give you an idea of how scopes are tested against shock:

The vibration does not affect the accuracy because the NDT scope mount goes back to the same position after every shot. This is the same with the rifle barrel – the barrel vibrates during the shooting (called barrel whip), but as long as it goes back to the same position after the vibration it will not affect the accuracy. This is why shooters free float their barrel for accurate rifle shootings.

We’ve done our own field testing as well. We’ve shot 240 rounds surplus 7.92x57 with K98k scope mount and more than 300 rounds of Russian surplus 7.62x54R with the Mosin Nagant scope mount and both rifles hold zero. The scope that we used were Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x40 AO – they are entry level good quality scopes.