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BadAce Tactical  |  SKU: 00802L

Scout Mount for Mauser Yugo M48, K.Kale, Spanish M43, VZ.24, Argentine M1909, Brazilian 1908 & 1908/34

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NOTE: Works on the following Mauser models:

  • Yugo M48, M24/47
  • Turkish Model 1938, including K.Kale, ASFA/ANK ARA
  • Czech VZ.24
  • German G24(t)
  • Spanish M43, Spanish Air Force M43
  • Argentine Model 1909 rifle (not Carbine)
  • Persien Mauser M98/29
  • Belgium FN Mauser 30-06 (FN 24/30 M1950)
  • Serbian/Yugoslavian Model 1924
  • Columbian R. Famage 30-06 Mauser
  • Brazilian Mauser 1908, 1908/34 and M954 Mauser

It will NOT work on any other models.

Please use our Scope Mount Selector to make sure this works for your rifle.  

  • No drill, no tap, no permanent modification to your historical Mauser rifles
  • ULTRA low profile design allows comfortable cheek weld
  • Works with Long Eye Relief (LER) scopes and you can still use stripper clips for speed loading
  • Elevation adjustable and works for many large-ring Mauser rifles
  • No gunsmith required, installed in 20 minutes!
  • Precision CNC milled from a whole block of aircraft grade aluminum alloy

[Firearms, optics and rings are for display only and NOT included]

Tips:  How to remove the rear sight retaining pin

Not all models' rear sight leaves have a retaining pin. You should be able to see the retaining pin sticking out a little bit from the head of the rear sight leaf if there is one, such as this one: 

The retaining pin is slightly longer than the rear sight leaf - this is to prevent it from being pressed down and removed. So, if your rear sight leaf has a retaining pin present, you must punch it out first. 

Some models don't have retaining pins, such as this one below: 

If that is the case, you can simply press down the rear sight leaf and remove it. 

The easy way to remove the rear sight leaf: 


    The following are links to the equipment we used in this video including the scope mount and other third-party accessories such as rings, scopes, etc.

    We purchased these accessories by ourselves, and we only recommend products that we trust and have been tested extensively by us.

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