Mosin Nagant Thread On Bent Bolt Gunsmithless

Mosin Nagant Thread On Bent Bolt Gunsmithless

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Our unique design makes use of the shank of the straight bolt handle:

Using an M10*1.5 die, we can easily thread the shank and build a solid platform for a bent bolt that has an M10*1.5 female thread on one end and a ball head on the other.
There are 3 major advantages comparing to other solutions:

  1. The bolt handle is perfectly vertical to the bolt itself, so you don't need to worry about the drilling angle. 
  2. The bolt handle shank is 10mm in diameter, which provides a much stronger platform than the drill and tap method.
  3. Because the M10*1.5 threading provides a much larger surface, once loctited, it is very solid and be able to handle the hardest recoil. 

Milled from a whole piece of stainless steel, the handle of the bent bolt is 3 1/8" long and is parallel to the stock in close position.

This bent bolt requires only 1/2" (13 mm) clearance.
Mosin Nagant Bent Bolt Clearance
Now comes with High-Strength ThreadLocker and M10 X 1.5 right-hand thread die (select the combo option). 

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