M1A / M14 / M305 NDT Scope Mount Low-profile and Elevation Adjustable

M1A / M14 / M305 NDT Scope Mount Low-profile and Elevation Adjustable

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Our 3-point anchoring design solves the following problems caused by different receiver manufacturers/standards:

  1. Slightly tapered left-side receiver surface
  2. Slightly incorrectly positioned left-side mounting hole
  3. Mounting groove on the left-side receiver cut too shallow or too narrow
  4. Slightly incorrectly positioned stripper clip guide
  5. Stripper clip guide angle is not accurate

The installation is easy enough for anyone with basic tools: 

Inspired by the Springfield M25 “WhiteFeather" sniper rifle system, our design features three strong anchoring points.

Instead of having to modify the receiver, the BadAce version utilizes the clip guide dovetail channel by adding a steel T-nut that is self-centered once it’s tightened.  This unique design accommodates small dimension differences from various receiver manufacturers. 

BadAce M1A scope mount is centrally mounted to the receiver so that it is perfectly aligned to the bore.

The original M14 mounting system consists of two mounting slots and one threaded hole on the left side of the receiver. However, different receiver manufacturers have different tolerance on the slots and sometimes even the threaded size. This can create issues for some side-mounting bracket.

Our design is based on the more consistent rear sight base and the clip guide dovetail - this gives us a centrally-aligned mounting system. Also, the dovetail T-nut and the front height-adjustable set screw combination ensures that the scope mount can work on all receivers from different manufactures and ages.

BadAce M1A mounting system features a low-profile design so you can mount the scope closer to the bore. 

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