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BadAce Tactical  |  SKU: 01003F

Lee-Enfield NDT (No Drill-Tap) Scope Mount for No4 and No5 Gen 3

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  • The Gen 3 version works with all safety bolt types, including the "Kicked Leg" type: 
  • Features the unique all-steel NDT side mount base and rock-solid 3-bolt mounting system:
  • The Gen 3 version kit now comes with a flat rear sight leaf that allows easy bolt removal without removing the optic. 

  • The ultra-low profile picatinny rail allows you to mount the scope as low as possible to the barrel and provides the option to keep the original iron sight as the backup : 
    • Rock solid, no gunsmith required, easy installation in 20 minutes
    • Fits both Lee-Enfield No.4 and No.5 (Jungle Carbine) 
      NOTE: does NOT fit any other Lee-Enfield models such as SMLE and No.1

    [Firearms, optics and rings are for display only and NOT included]

     Package contents: 

    • One steel side mounting base with the innovative 3-bolt mounting system
    • One aluminum alloy picatinny rail
    • Wrenches, bolts and nuts
    • A steel flat rear sight leaf
    Installation Video: 

    This accuracy comparison video compares 3-round, 5-round and 10-round groups of Lee-Enfield No.4 and No5 jungle carbine back-to-back at 100 yards. These are both regular, unmodified standard rifles in full military configuration, except the No-Drill-Tap scope mounts, of course.

    On American Rifleman, August 12, 2020 - “…, but the “Jungle Carbine” was plagued by a “wandering zero” problem that proved to be the handy little rifle’s undoing. After much investigation, the accuracy problem was found to be “inherent in the design,” and the No. 5 was declared obsolete in July 1947 …” 

    Shooting at a frequency of 15 seconds per round, the No5 gave us a respectable group when the barrel was not too hot. However, when the barrel heats up, we got more “fliers” than the No.4. In the end, it still did a solid 4.5 MOA 10 rounds group, which isn’t too bad for a light, short-barreled military rifle.

    The following are links to the equipment we used in this video. We purchased these accessories ourselves, and we only recommend products that we trust and have been tested extensively by us.

    Rifle scopes and rings:

    Also, the following video shows that you actually do not need the ejector screw to eject EMPTY brass:

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